Trump Advisor Nigel Farage Linked To Wikileaks Founder In An Insane Way (VIDEO)


In shocking news, a camera caught a close friend of Donald Trump’s, UK politician Nigel Farage, leaving Wikileaks lord Julian Assange’s home Thursday. This happened two days after Russian-linked Assange dumped stolen CIA information into the public, but it gets worse.

After Farage spent nearly 40 minutes in the embassy, Buzzfeed approached him. When the reporter asked him what he was doing there, he claimed amnesia. When the reporter pressed him, Farage told BuzzFeed:

‘I never discuss where I go or who I see.’

Assange has proven ties to the Russian hackers, and he has it in for the U.S. The Wikileaks master released a mountain of documents detailing the CIA’s software and methods for hacking technical devices such as Internet-connected televisions, smartphones, and computers.

Assange’s longtime friend and UKIP (UK Independence Party) member Farage was a Trump supporter during the presidential campaign and after. He is currently an “unofficial advisor” to the president. Observers caught the British politician dining with Trump at the White House in February and multiple times elsewhere.

Farage said Assange did not collaborate with Russian intelligence to hack the “Democratic National Committee [DNC] and Hillary Clinton campaign officials,” according to BuzzFeed.

UKIP member of parliament Gerard Batten sent an email to Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, according to BuzzFeed. It read:

‘So far, UKIP London has been only British political party to openly support Mr Assange fight against EAW and his freedom of speech, and we would very much like to continue doing so.’

Additional emails indicated that Batten agreed to support Assange in the European Parliament. UKIP was also willing to participate in “a joint press conference with Stephens in Brussels,” according to Buzzfeed. The Europe of Freedom and Democracy group defended the Wikileaks owner against arrest warrants. Batten said:

‘Is the Assange case about the alleged crimes committed or is it about the desire of America to extradite him from a compliant European country?’

The Wikileaks owner has hidden out in the Ecuadorian Embassy for five years, because he is avoiding extradition charges to his country, Sweden.

Check out this video of Farage supporting Trump:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Carl Court.