Trump Dodges Questions About Obama Wiretapping – Press Gets The Boot (VIDEO)


Politics makes strange bedfellows. That to say, Donald Trump was just fine with how the press did its job when the media fell for the Clinton e-mail scandal and aired/ran story after story about Clinton prior to Election 2016. Many political insiders say those stories helped give Trump the boost he needed to beat Clinton.

With Clinton no longer in a position to give ratings a boost and Trump providing a veritable plethora of material to cover via Twitter alone, Trump shouldn’t be surprised that he has quickly become the apple of the media’s eye where coverage is concerned. Adding to that sentiment is lie after lie and scandal after scandal from Trump and his staff.

Now that Trump is no longer able to ensure that the media is reporting the things that he wants, and the tides have turned to the media broadcasting stories Trump doesn’t want anyone to know about, he has taken his ball and gone home. The same Donald Trump who previously made huge productions out of everything he did, has become a bit of a media recluse; this has been especially true since he accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Towers, a story that almost no one believed.

It was reported that Donald Trump was “p*ssed” about people’s justifiable dismissal of his claims against President Obama. Since that time, the usually front-and-center Trump has been noticeably absent.

The most obvious of Trump’s absences in front of the camera here of late has perhaps been the signing of his revised Muslim Ban. Where the first order signed on January 27th came with much fanfare, full ceremony and lots of pictures included, Monday’s new version had no pomp and circumstance. Mainstream media outlets weren’t present, as has been the case quite a bit here of late.

White House staffers deny claims that Trump is shutting the media out. However, political insiders feel differently. Julian Zelizer, a historian at Princeton University told NBC News:

‘It matters to be seen. This is still a visual-media age and if someone is not out there in front of reporters and in front of the camera, in front of audiences, it undercuts their ability.’

While Trump’s decision to withdraw from the media may further taint the trust Americans have in him, it likely doesn’t “undercut” his ability. Trump does a phenomenal job of that every day that he spends more time on Twitter, making up/defending lies, and otherwise doing everything he can to avoid showing that he has any positive attributes/skills.

To be reminded of some of the harsh words Donald Trump has spoken about the media, watch the video below:

Featured Image via Getty/Mario Tama/Staff