Canada’s ‘Supreme Court’ Just Nailed Donald Trump For Shady Business Practices


Trump’s legal troubles just got a whole lot bigger.

The Independent reports that two individuals who brought a lawsuit against Donald Trump and a real estate development firm who partnered with the U.S. president because they allege that they were lied to big time about what they could expect as a return for investing in Toronto’s Trump International Hotel. Both individuals took out loans from friends and family members to finance their investments; and, again, both were lied to by Trump.

The plantiffs produced documentation for the court that showed that they were led to believe that they could make a large return on their investment. In fact, as they soon found out, they shouldn’t have expected to see much of any return at all. The two individuals, Sarbjit Singh and Se Na Lee, reportedly lost a combined 1.2 million dollars.

Justice Paul Rouleau of the Canadian Supreme Court commented of the deceptive investment return estimates provided by Trump and his partners:

 ‘[A]s it turned out, the estimates bore no relation to financial reality. The motions judge found as a fact that the estimates were ‘deceptive documents’ and ‘replete with misrepresentations of commission, of omission, and of half-truth.’

Canada’s highest court upheld the ruling of The Ontario Court of Appeals in their judgment on the case.

This case is notable because it shows that President Trump’s fraudulent business activities aren’t confined to the United States. At home, he’s already faced multiple inquiries over the fraudulent “Trump University.”

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.