Fox News Reporter Goes Haywire At White House Press Conference ‘ Blacks!, Jews!, Hispanics!’


Ever since he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump has struggled to unify disparate factions within the conservative movement. He rose to power by giving voice to the alt-right, a fringe movement dissatisfied with the conservative establishment. However, since taking office, he has tried unite the mainstream conservatives with the alt-right. Unfortunately, for Trump it appears that his efforts may be failing as a recent altercation between a Fox News commentator and alt-right blogger shows.

It’s been reported that Fox News radio host Jon Decker verbally assaulted Lucian Wintrich of the alt-right blog, the Gateway Pundit. Decker was reportedly upset over the White House’s decision to grant press access to the Gateway Pundit.

Buzzfeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo tweeted that Decker accused Wintrich’s blog of racism and bigotry.

‘Fox News Radio John Decker just loudly told everyone in briefing room that Gateway Pundit is here “they hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics.” Wild’

Carrasquillo’s claims were backed up by a series of tweets from Wintrich himself who described the alleged attack in more detail.

‘Jon Decker asulted me at today’s briefing. – is this behavior something you tolerate over there? He’s sick’

‘John Decker also asulted[sic] me, pushing me in the break room & then grabbing my arm in the briefing room while shouting that I’m a nazi.’

‘After this briefing, I am going to be filing assult[sic] and harassment charges against Jon Decker.’

Wintrich posted several other tweets discussing the incident. One rather interesting observation Wintrich made was that, despite Decker’s claims regarding the Gateway Pundit being white supremacists, they are regularly cited by Fox News.

‘It’s also worth noting that Jon Decker called Gateway Pundit “white supremacist.” We are REGULARLY cited by pundits on shows!’

While every member of the alt-right may not be a white supremacist, it should be noted that there are many Nazis and racists within the movement itself.

For his part, Decker denies that he ever assaulted Winrich and told Business Insider that the two merely had a conversation.

‘The conversation was straightforward and direct. I also informed the full White House pool that this representative was present in the Briefing Room. At no time did I accost or assault this individual. More than a dozen witnesses will attest to this fact.’

For more information, you can see the interview with Wintrich below.

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