Michelle & Barack Obama Seen With International Rock Star – Get Standing Ovation


After eight years of death threats, experiencing blatant and overt racism and disrespect, and opposition to collaboration for what often appeared to be because his skin was the wrong color, former President Obama deserves time to rejuvenate, practice self-care in large doses, and enjoy being out of the public eye. However, for all of the evil people who say mean and nasty things about him and his family, there are millions of people worldwide who absolutely adore him and Michelle.

The Obamas had the chance to feel, see, and hear some of the overwhelming love that people feel for them when they stylishly stepped out to have lunch with famed U2 frontman, Bono on Friday. ABC News reports that the Obamas dined with Bono at New York City’s Upland Restaurant.

The story of the lunch and the love that was shown to the Obamas is best told through the social media posts of those who were there. In the video below, one patron can be heard saying, “. . .that’s special” as Mr. Obama obliges a request for a handshake:

Footage of the luck lady who asked for and received the handshake, will surely make you as happy as she sounds:

O-B-A-M-A ??

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Aware of the honor it was to have been graced by the Obamas and Bono simultaneously, the staff at Upland wasted no time acknowledging the history that took place at the restaurant:

The Obamas aren’t newbies to being loved by Hollywood’s politically conscious elite. As President Obama’s last days in office approached, several celebrities took part in a video tribute to him, his work, and his efforts to unify America.

Whether you love or hate the Obamas and President Obama’s politics, there is no denying the culture of inclusion that the family sought to usher into the White House. At a time when Donald Trump is only allowing those who share his warped, dishonest, and divisive views to be have access to important information that impacts Americans, the images of the Obamas are sweet and sincere reminders of the days that once were.

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.