JUST IN: Gov. Cuomo Makes A Huge Step In His 2020 Presidential Bid (DETAILS)


According to New York Post, New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo has just taken a big step to securing a Presidential bid in 2020. The Post describes the move as a sure “sign” that Cuomo will be running for president in the next election.

Cuomo has reportedly hired two fundraisers to start a foundation for his campaign in just three short years. A source told the newspaper that one of the fundraisers, Jon Adrabi, also worked for Hillary Clinton’s doomed campaign.

According to the source:

“Hiring out-of-state fundraising staff, particularly in a battleground state, opens up money spigots beyond what would normally be available and is a key first step to laying the groundwork for a run.”

Cuomo is a staunch criticizer of Trump, coming out just recently in objection of the 90-day ban on Muslims entering the country. According to The Hill, Cuomo took direct action in obstructing Trump’s executive order:

“Cuomo at the time directed state officials to help individuals detained at airports during the fallout from the order’s implementation.”

Cuomo may bring a welcome surprise to what is bound to be a campaign season full of hope and promise. This is, of course, if the current president is impeached before he destroys the country beyond immediate repair.

Cuomo 2020.