JUST IN: Marco Rubio Caught In The Biggest Political Scandal Of His Career (DETAILS)


During Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearing, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.) asked DeVos whether or not she thought she would have been nominated for the position of Secretary of Education if her family were not major donors to the Republican Party. DeVos replied that she believed that her donations were not a contributing factor to her nomination and that she had worked hard on behalf of students for years.

While we can’t say for certain why Donald Trump decided to nominate DeVos for the position of education secretary, it is worth noting that her donations to Republican politicians may very well have helped her secure the nomination.

According to FEC reports obtained by the Center for American Progress, DeVos donated nearly $100,000 to Sen. Marco Rubio(R.-Fl.) This was the largest donation that DeVos made to any of the senators who voted to confirm her nomination.

Once again, we do not know the reason behind Rubio’s vote, but his choice to confirm DeVos is, in light of the massive donation he received from her family, interesting to say the least. After his failed bid for the presidency, there was talk that Rubio was going to retire from politics. However, he choose to remain in the Senate because he said he wanted to serve as a check on President Trump.

However, despite his tough talk about standing up to Trump, Rubio has voted to confirm all of Trump’s cabinet nominees, including DeVos. Her confirmation was an interesting one solely because of how unqualified she is for the position. DeVos has never served as a teacher or in an administrative role for public schools. Her only experience in education has been serving as an advocate for school choice in Michigan.

Of course, if DeVos’ work in Michigan had produced positive results then one could argue that she would be a benefit to the nation’s educational system. Unfortunately, the results of her work in Michigan have been poorly received. POLITICO reports that DeVos’ efforts in Michigan have resulted in a lower standard of education than the national average.

‘Despite two decades of charter-school growth, the state’s overall academic progress has failed to keep pace with other states: Michigan ranks near the bottom for fourth- and eighth-grade math and fourth-grade reading on a nationally representative test, nicknamed the “Nation’s Report Card.” Notably, the state’s charter schools scored worse on that test than their traditional public-school counterparts, according to an analysis of federal data.’

That data begs the question, why did Rubio and the GOP vote to confirm DeVos at all? Well, we can’t say for certain, but we find it impossible to ignore the contributions DeVos had made to the Republican Party. In total, DeVos has given nearly a million dollars to the Republican senators who voted to confirm her nomination as education secretary. Given her lack of qualifications and the poor results of her efforts in Michigan, we, like Sanders, can’t help but wonder if DeVos would be education secretary without her family’s contributions to the GOP.

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