Trump Livid After Activists Break Into His Golf Club & Carve Message Into Grass (PHOTO)


Anti-Trump protesters are getting inventive.

Early this Sunday morning, an anonymous group of environmental activists broke into the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and carved a message into the green that read, in huge, all capital letters, “No more tigers! No more woods!”

They pulled off their stunt by jumping a fence and using garden tools to carve furrows into the grass. The group says that their mission took less than one hour to complete.

The group sent a message to the Washington Post explaining their actions, which reads, in part:

‘In response to the president’s recent decision to gut our existing protection policies, direct action was conceived and executed on the green of his California golf course in the form of a simple message: NO MORE TIGERS. NO MORE WOODS.’

Indeed, the president has taken a number of steps to gut our nation’s environmental protection system. He has already proposed massive budget cuts to the EPA’s funding, and he signed an executive order which the New York Times described as granting the president a “megaphone” to direct the rollback of environmental protection regulations.

In addition, the individual that Trump appointed to serve as head of the EPA, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has already established the precedent for how his agency will approach environmental issues via his dismissal of the scientifically proven role of greenhouse gas emissions in climate change. Pruitt sued the agency which he now leads almost a dozen times while in his former job; he seems to think that his role as head of the EPA is to run it — and the nation’s environment — into the ground.

A member of the group speaking to the Washington Post commented that they hope their actions serve as an ultimatum to the Trump Administration.

“Tearing up the golf course felt justified in many ways,” this person said. They added that they “hope this sends a message to Trump and his corrupt administration that their actions will be met with action.”

It goes to highlight the unique nature of the Trump Administration that activists can affect an interest of the president via vandalizing a golf course. It’s like Trump is a part time president and a part time golf course stakeholder.

You can watch a video of the stunt, as released by the activists themselves, below.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images