Bernie Sanders Just Won Over Trump Supports By Explaining The AHCA (VIDEO)


As Americans reflect on the Congressional Budget Office’s findings regarding Trump’s health care plan, it is imperative that people are mindful of many things. Paramount of those things is the fact that many of the poorest towns in the U.S., which have residents who will be most severely impacted by the despair Trump’s plan will cast upon the country, are towns full of people who voted for Donald Trump.

One such place is McDowell County, WV. According to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) website, McDowell County is one of the poorest counties in the United States. The median household income is below $22,500; the national average is $52,000. A third of McDowell’s residents live in poverty.

Over 75% of the county’s residents voted for Donald Trump.

The people of McDowell County represent those who will be hardest hit if Donald Trump’s health care bill passes. They will surely be heavily counted in the 14 million people projected to be without health care by next year if the GOP has their way and their ObamaCare replacement becomes law.

Recognizing the need to break down some walls and unpack Trump’s health care plan in ways that will be relatable and understood by residents of McDowell, POLITICO reports that Sen. Sanders went to the county for a candid conversation about health care and the damning impact Trump’s plan will have on them.

Knowledge truly is power and for at least one person at the town hall, the opportunity to have a space to speak and be heard without judgment proved to serve as a change agent.

Sander’s challenged a Trump supporting resident of McDowell by asking:

‘What do you think, do you think we should join other countries and guarantee health care as a right of all?’

Much to the surprise of many, the attendee answered:

‘Yeah, I think every American citizen should have health care.’

The room erupted in applause. Trump and many Republicans somehow managed to hoodwink the poorest of rural voters into thinking that the policies of former President Obama were not beneficial to them. The GOP has since started to slowly roll out legislation that truly will harm those same voters, the most.

Democrats need to take some pages from Sen. Sanders’ book if they’re really interested in winning back Senate, Congress and eventually the White House. Sanders reminds that by meeting people where they are, change can happen.

To see the moment Sanders shows that sometimes just talking to people will lead to them having a change of heart, watch below:

Featured Image via Getty/Win McNamee/Staff