Dan Rather Has The Perfect Response To The CBO’s TrumpCare Analysis (IMAGE)


On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office released their analysis of the American Health Care Act and, not surprisingly, their findings were not particularly encouraging. The CBO found that, if the AHCA passes, 14 million Americans will go uninsured in 2018. Even worse, they estimate that, by 2026, that number will rise to a whopping 24 million.

Naturally, plenty of people had less-than-favorable responses to this report, including Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Renowned journalist and outspoken Trump critic Dan Rather also jumped into the fray on Monday evening.

In a Facebook post, Rather condemned the GOP’s health care bill and called the fact that the U.S. has failed to come up with a healthcare system that benefits everyone a “national embarrassment.”

First, Rather¬†pointed out what should have been obvious to the Republicans who wrote the AHCA: When less money is spent, fewer people get healthcare. A few days prior to his inauguration, Donald Trump promised that the Affordable Care Act’s replacement would provide “insurance for everybody,” but the CBO’s report tells a very different story.

‘For all the yuge promises of Donald Trump on the campaign trail about a health care bill that would be just perfect we now have the cold shower of reality from the Congressional Budget Office. Surprise, surprise, if you spend less you cover fewer people – a lot fewer people. Millions and millions of fewer people. 24 million people by this respected nonpartisan estimation.’

Rather then went on to criticize the GOP for creating such a mess of a healthcare bill.

‘Millions of Americans, mostly the poorest and most vulnerable among us, will soon learn that imperfect insurance is better than no insurance. And it is a national embarrassment bordering on shame that we can’t do better than this.’

The post ends with a warning about what will come if this bill is passed.

‘This is shaping up to be one heck of a fight. It’s always harder to take something away than to not give it in the first place. I know that for many facts are fungible. But being told you can’t get your illness treated is a fact that tends to sink in pretty fast.’

Read Rather’s full Facebook post below, and read the CBO’s report here.

Featured image via Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images.