MSNBC Reporter Drops Major Impeachment Bomb – Trump In Serious Trouble (VIDEO)


It’s been nine days since President Trump had a hissy fit on Twitter over a Breitbart story claiming that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaigns, and the country is still waiting on proof that his claim has any credible evidence to back it up.

MSNBC’s “Heatstreet” reporter Louise Mensch, as it turns out, wrote the original story that conservative radio host Mark Levin misconstrued to mean that President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped during the elections. Mark Levin’s ridiculous take on the story is the source behind Breitbart’s article that so enraged President Trump.

As it turns out, Levin and Breitbart got the story completely wrong, which comes as no surprise, but President Trump’s public comments on the story that constitute an impeachable offense.

Mensch’s story provided evidence that the FBI did appeal to the FISA court to be granted permission for wiretaps due to suspicions that Russia was committing cyberattacks on the U.S. for the purpose of influencing the presidential election. At no time, however, did Mensch claim that that FBI was attempting the surveillance of communications between anyone in the United State with Russia.

In fact, Mensch never reported that any U.S. citizen was being targeted by that request for surveillance. Levin’s and Breitbart’s insistence that it did were false.

According to Mensch:

‘For once I think it’s possible the President does not have a “fake news” problem. he may have a real news problem.  Being that if there really is a wiretap of Trump Tower, the problem is I didn’t report that, neither did any other journalist. Which means that if he tweeted evidence in an ongoing top secret case, then he obstructed justice and that’s an impeachable offense.  That’s why the White House is being very quiet, not because it’s phony, it’s because it’s real.’

To hear the MSNBC reporter explain the truth behind the story, see video below:

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