Paul Ryan Just Made The Dumbest Remark Of His Career – That Speaks Volumes (VIDEO)


Unbiased, and non-partisan, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is widely regarded as a true litmus test of fiscal information regarding federal programs. Their adherence to being non-partisan is tight, in fact their about us section reads:

‘CBO is strictly nonpartisan; conducts objective, impartial analysis; and hires its employees solely on the basis of professional competence without regard to political affiliation. CBO does not make policy recommendations, and each report and cost estimate summarizes the methodology underlying the analysis.’

Their job is only to crunch numbers. They have no dogs in the policy or political battles that are attached to the fiscal matters they review. Therefore, when the CBO report about Trump’s American Health Care Act said scary things like 24 million more Americans would be without insurance by 2026, than under ObamaCare, including 14 million by 2018, many D.C. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, froze.

Known for saying things people often feel is stupid, Paul Ryan (R-WI) didn’t freeze when the CBO’s findings about the American Health Care Act were released. No, privileged Paul, like everyone else who won’t be negatively impacted by Trump’s abhorrent plan, kept right on moving.

Ryan wasn’t even thoughtful enough to guard his tongue and refrain from making short-sighted remarks about Trump’s health care plan. Lawmakers like Bernie Sanders are condemning Trump’s plan even more based of the CBO’s findings, saying things like:

‘I think that throwing 24 million Americans off of health insurance, raising premiums for older low income Americans, while giving $285 billion in tax breaks to the top 2% is a disgusting and immoral proposal. Thousands of Americans will die if this legislation is passed and we have to do everything that we can to see that is defeated.’

Alarmed, scared, and concerned for Americans’ ability to survive if the legislation is passed, is a stark contrast to the sentiments Ryan expressed. Ryan left Bret Baier shocked when Ryan flippantly said:

‘Well, actually, I think, if you read this entire report, I’m pretty encouraged by it. And it actually exceeded my expectations.’

“Encouraged” by 14 million people not having health insurance by next year? That’s pretty heartless. Baier thought so enough to press Ryan further, asking:

‘If you’re encouraged by this CBO report, what’s a CBO report you’re discouraged by?’

Exerting every bit of his privilege, Ryan laughed at Baier’s question. Ryan then snidely remarked that he has spent “half {his} life” reviewing CBO reports. He said that the data only confirmed his thoughts about the American Health Care Act; he praised the plan citing how it will “stabilize the market” and cure what he considers a  “collapsing ObamaCare system.”

Ironically, despite Ryan’s, Trump’s, and others’ assertions that ObamaCare is “failing” and like sentiments, there is actually news that the Affordable Care Act is gaining momentum and making Americans healthier. To that end, there can’t be anything about 14 million people being without health care that could be better than ObamaCare.

Watch below as Ryan disrespects every American struggling to make ends meet and maintain health insurance, by laughing at the possibility of 14 million Americans being uninsured:

Featured Image via Getty/Zach Gibson/Stringer