Republican Senator Throws GOP’s Healthcare Reform Under The Bus (VIDEO)


One Republican senator is voicing his concern regarding several implications of the GOP’s repeal and replace plan, the American Health Care Act.

Senator Dean Heller’s (R-Nev.) remarks were caught on audio by POLITICO. Mind you, he still squirmed in the audio when asked if he believed healthcare was a fundamental right.

‘I’ve heard a lot of people say that every American has a right to an automobile. Do I believe that all Americans should have access to health care? Absolutely, I do.’

Despite his squeamish feelings towards the basic right of healthcare for all, Heller has to tread carefully. Heller is up for reelection in a state that Hillary Clinton won. POLITICO reported:

‘His strategy on Obamacare shows the tightrope Heller is walking in a state that’s trending Democratic but has a strong presence of conservative activists.’

With that reality, he has, indeed, tried to play devil’s advocate between his constituents and his colleagues. At a demonstration outside of Las Vegas, he spoke to those protesting saying:

‘As we move forward and take a look at some of these changes and what’s occurring, I think we ought to embrace what’s good in the Affordable Care Act.’

With Nevada’s Republican governor even being a critic of the new plan, he’s leaned more towards making changes to the Affordable Care Act rather than a complete repeal. POLITICO reports he has not committed to a full repeal.

He’s also raised concerns about Nevada not being allowed enough time to adjust to changes to Nevada’s Medicaid expansion.

‘They’re talking about 2020, now they’re talking about making the changes in 2018. That’s not enough time for Nevada to adjust. We need time to adjust. I want to move that thing up four or five years.’

He also does not support the ACA’s Cadillac tax on high-cost insurance plans and does not support the fact that the new GOP plan would keep that tax.

‘My argument with the Republicans is if we’re going to make the changes, don’t repeal the Affordable Care Act so you can keep all the taxes. I think that’s unfair and I don’t think that’s a responsible way to move forward.

Featured image via Getty Images / Ethan Miller.