Chuck Schumer Demolishes Trump: ‘Do Facts Matter Anymore?’ – W.H. Silent (VIDEO)


Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer spoke out this Tuesday morning against the Trump administration’s dismissal of the recent report from the Congressional Budget Office on the impacts of the GOP’s proposed Obamacare replacement bill.

The CBO’s report is dismal, projecting that some “twenty-four million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026 under the House Republican health care bill than under Obamacare, including 14 million by next year,” as CNN summarized it.

That’s obviously something that isn’t immediately palatable, to put it lightly, but rather then directly addressing the concerns raised by the CBO’s report, Republican leadership has dismissed the report as untrustworthy. It isn’t though.

The CBO has a positive track record when it comes to these sorts of issues, having been closer to the mark on the impacts of Obamacare then most every other major interest who bothered to issue a forecast. As a report from the USA Today makes clear, where the CBO’s estimates about the impacts of Obamacare were off, it wasn’t in overestimating the positive impacts of the law. Rather, in most instances that the CBO’s Obamacare forecast was off, it was in them having underestimated the positive impacts of the law.

Still, though, Republican leadership responded to the CBO’s dismal take on the impacts of their Obamacare replacement bill by trying to undercut the credibility of their report.

Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke out about this on Tuesday morning, bemoaning that it’s not even clear if “facts matter” at all to this presidential administration.

Schumer said:

‘The non-partisan scorekeepers have spoken clearly, and they’re being attacked now. Guess who chose the head of the CBO? Dr. Price. And guess where this man worked? The Mercator Institute, funded in good part by the Koch brothers.’

Dr. Price is the present Secretary of Health and Human Services, nominated to the job by President Trump. He helped pick the present CBO head, Keith Hall, while serving as House Budget Committee chairman in 2015. The Koch brothers are, of course, the pair of conservative megadonors who seem to pop up everywhere, like a pair of gophers or something.

Yet, even though the present CBO head is ostensibly an ally of the present administration, that hasn’t stopped Trump and his cronies from dismissing the CBO’s report as irrelevant.

Schumer concluded of the Republicans’ response to the CBO: “And now they’re saying that what [the CBO] saying isn’t real. Do facts matter anymore to our colleagues, to the President? Does truth matter? Sad, as somebody once said.”

Watch the video below.

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