JUST IN: Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Goes Nuclear On President Trump (VIDEO)


This past Monday was the House Intelligence Committee’s deadline for the Trump Administration to cough up any sort of evidence supporting the president’s claims that he was wiretapped by the Obama Administration. Unsurprisingly, the administration didn’t provide any evidence, instead asking for and being granted an extension on the deadline of about a week. The new deadline is March 20.

The House Intelligence Committee gave the Trump Administration this ultimatum on the occasion of Trump asking for a Congressional investigation into his allegations that Obama wiretapped him.

With all of this in mind, Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski says that it’s time for Donald Trump to admit that he was lying all along, and she’s really speaking for all of us here.

Indeed, it’s so unsurprising that the Trump Administration missed the House Intelligence Committee’s deadline because there’s never been any indication that Trump’s allegations were true. He just pulled these allegations from a Breitbart article and wants us to believe that they’re true, but pretty much all of us outside the Trump cult know better.

Brzezinski hosted a panel discussion about this issue on this week’s Tuesday morning installment of her show, but it wasn’t a very divisive panel. They were all pretty much in agreement that “everyone” knows that Donald Trump was lying when he said that Obama wiretapped him.

As the MSNBC morning show host commented, “If the president was lying, don’t you think at some point he ought to say, ‘I apologize, I am just an idiot, and I won’t do that again’?”

The problem is that it’s just not in Trump’s nature to make those kinds of admissions.

Brzezinski went on to say that the whole situation got even worse when considering how White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer attempted to address the situation, which was via trying to redefine the very word “wiretapping.”

She went on, saying:

‘I would like to know the answer to the question: Were you lying, Mr. President? Did you make it up? Was it some little spurt of activity that you had out of need to have action? I’d like to know where it came from because it’s a very serious allegation… it questions whether this country is being run by someone who thinks it’s a very serious job or by someone who thinks it’s a joke.’

We would all like to know the answer to that question, Mika.

Check out the video below.


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