Obama’s W.H. Photographer Slams Trump & Conway In Series Of Amazing Instagram Posts


President Obama’s official White House photographer Pete Souza slammed President Trump and his top adviser Kellyanne Conway with a series of pointed Instagram posts this week.

The posts offer Souza’s clever take on the absurdities coming out of the still rather new Trump presidential administration.

The most recent post from Souza features an image of President Obama holding a camera up as if to take a picture photoshopped into the inside of a microwave. Souza is parodying Kellyanne Conway’s recent assertion that one of the ways that the Trump presidential campaign may have been subjected to illegal surveillance by the Obama administration is via “microwaves that turn into microphones.”

Conway immediately drew intense criticism for that ridiculous assertion. She made it while trying to defend her boss’s completely baseless claim that, as referenced, he was wiretapped by the Obama Administration in the closing months of the 2016 election. Trump got the information about that supposed wiretapping from a conjecture-filled Breitbart article, but thus far no evidence has emerged to back him up, and it’s not likely that any evidence is on its way.

A number of relevant intelligence officials have come out to slam Trump’s claims as completely ludicrous, and that’s left Trump’s advisers in a sticky situation, as they’ve been forced to sell off what’s left of their soul in order to defend their boss’s lunacy. White House press secretary Sean Spicer, for instance, resorted to attempting to redefine the word “wiretapping” in an effort to explain away Trump’s allegations, while Conway was reduced to mentioning “microwaves that turn into microphones” as a possible source of data to back Trump up.

Conway defended herself — or tried to at least — via claiming that she was speaking generally when making the microwave reference, and not about Trump’s case in particular.

Still, check out Souza’s take on Conway’s latest tinfoil hat conspiracy below.

Someone has been photoshopping one of my photos. For the record, it wasn’t me.

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The morning before Souza addressed Conway’s microwave conspiracy, he posted to his Instagram an image of President Obama walking a White House corridor while looking down at a phone in his hand, captioning it, “Glad he only tweeted out facts with his device.”

Check it out below.

Glad he only tweeted out facts with his device.

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Featured Image via J. Scott Applewhite – Pool/Getty Images