Rachel Maddow Gives Eye-Opening Visual Of American Suffering Under AHCA (VIDEO)


Rachel Maddow broke it down for viewers tonight in true Maddow fashion.

The Congressional Budget Office announced earlier today that if the Republican plan that would replace Obamacare was successfully passed (American Health Care Act), then 14 million Americans would be uninsured next year. Adding to that, they revealed that by 2026, the number of uninsured individuals would be 24 million.

Those are astronomically high numbers. They are such large numbers it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude and amount without a visual. So, that’s what Maddow did. She gave us a visual, and it’s a striking visual, no less. She showed a map highlighting the states that added together would equal 24 million.

2017-03-13_23-17-54-1024x534 Rachel Maddow Gives Eye-Opening Visual Of American Suffering Under AHCA (VIDEO) Healthcare Media Politics Top Stories Videos
Image screenshot from YouTube.

‘If you’re trying to get your head around 24 million Americans, how many people that is, it is roughly, this is slightly understating the case, but it is roughly the population of all of these states combined. Twenty-four million people is the entire population of Vermont, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire,┬áIdaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas, and Wyoming combined, and then some. That’s the number of Americans who would get thrown off their health insurance if this Republican thing passes to get rid of Obama Care.’

Does that help in letting the reality of 24 million Americans going without insurance sink in? That’s entire states… several entire states.

Several leaders have spoken out against the plan, including Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and journalist Dan Rather. Of course, Paul Ryan, the American Health Care Act cheerleader, made the lamebrain move of saying he was encouraged by the report. It was such a dumb thing to say, even Fox’s Bret Baier made the comment, “If you’re encouraged by this CBO report, what’s a CBO report you’re discouraged by?”

Obviously, Ryan needs to see this clip of Maddow; however, the privilege is strong with Ryan, so it probably wouldn’t matter. There is nothing encouraging about the notion that 15 states worth of human beings will be without insurance and the ability to seek out quality health care.

You can watch the clip below.


Featured image screenshot from YouTube.