Spicer Delivers Delusional Daily W.H. Briefing – The Lies Are Staggering (VIDEO)


Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that the Congressional Budget Office’s [CBO] estimates are just wrong. One day after the office released its report on TrumpCare, the Republicans’ health-American Healthcare Act, Donald Trump was shooting it down.

Spicer said in his Tuesday daily White House briefing:

‘CBO coverage estimates are consistently wrong.’

The press secretary said that the Congressional Budget Office does not take into consideration TrumpCare’s three-prong plan. Instead, he says that it only considers the first prong, which does not deal with additional reforms for both costs and coverage.

Spicer says that the Republican’s proposed healthcare plan will both repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act [ACA/ObamaCare.] In addition, he indicated that the new plan would reduce the U.S. federal deficit by $330 billion.

According to Spicer’s daily briefing, voters health insurance premiums will come down a total of 10 percent.

The press secretary said the Congressional Budget Office was off 50 percent on ObamaCare. He continued, saying its count of people is wrong, “vastly so:”

‘The CBO’s job is to look at budgetary impact, count numbers.’

The numbers don’t lie. Sean Spicer is known to do so, though.


Featured Image: Getty Images/Aaron Bernstein