The White House Just Responded To Rachel Maddow’s Tax Return Release (STATEMENT)


This is historic. Rachel Maddow just uncovered the long-held secret that our not-so-beloved president has been clutching onto for dear life since it was first mentioned during his presidential campaign over a year ago.

About an hour ago, Maddow announced that she would be releasing Trump’s tax returns at 9pm ET, and the internet immediately went completely wild. Before the segment even aired, the White House released an offical response.

That response was tweeted by Jim Acosta:

If we had any doubt as to the maturity level of the Trump administration, this statement clears up any confusion. The shadiness with which they deflect the issue and pretend this is  about desperation and not a lack of patience for anymore presidential lies, is logic defying.

The internet reaction to this speaks volumes. Check out some responses below: