Trump Goes Off On Tuesday Twitter Tangent – Takes Credit For Obama’s Work (TWEET)


President Donald Trump is still going on and on about how wonderful his presidency has been for the American economy — there’s a shocker.

The narcissistic Trump has a long history of taking credit for the accomplishments of others. The question is whether or not he is truly dumb enough to believe that he sailed into the Oval Office and immediately by his mere presence alone, the employment situation improved profoundly. Frankly, I would not put this past him.

Tuesday, he tweeted alongside some photos of employment statistics.


The statistics indicate that construction jobs have increased by 58,000, manufacturing is up by 28,000, healthcare is up by 27,000, and mining by 8,000. This, alongside other industries totaled 235,000 new jobs added versus an expected 190,000. Of course, he also has a photo from Fox News in there, which outright claims “TRUMP BRINGS BACK JOBS” with information on the stock market since Inauguration Day, because somehow while being inaugurated, Trump fixed the stock market.

That said, the positive results from statistics recently released for February are a continuation of a trend that President Barack Obama set in motion during his eight, long and hard years in the White House.

Donald Trump has taken credit for Obama’s hard work and ingenuity before, but it likely stings a little bit more given the recent slanderous accusations Trump made against the man.

Donald Trump might even realize how ridiculous this is, if he had a shred of class or basic human decency.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.