Dianne Feinstein Emerges From James Comey Briefing Looking Mortified (VIDEO)


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking Democrat on that same committee Dianne Feinstein finally got their long awaited briefing this Wednesday afternoon on the FBI’s information regarding Russia’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to power  — and the aftermath of that is not what we expected.

Speaking to the press following the briefing, Senator Feinstein looked visibly shaken.

She offered up a brief statement on behalf of herself and Grassley, who did not speak. This statement first detailed Grassley’s intense efforts to strong-arm the FBI into briefing the Senators on the Trump/ Russia scandal, and the Senator concluded by noting, quite simply, “This briefing was all on sensitive matters and highly classified, and it’s really not anything we can answer any questions about.”

The whole exchange took less than a minute, and the general public is thus still left in the dark as to whether there is any substantive evidence to suggest that Trump campaign operatives were, in fact, working for Russia to help Donald Trump get elected. Did the Trump campaign collude with Vladimir Putin? The public answer to that question is still forthcoming.

Meanwhile, just look at Sen. Feinstein’s expression in the video below, which features her comments to the press post-FBI briefing. She, presumably, has at least an inkling of the answer to the question of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia on account of her just being briefed, and she looks mortified.

Watch the video below.

Seriously, watch it. Don’t just close this article — watch the video. It’s only one minute long — and it’s deeply troubling.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.