Donald Trump Involved In Disgusting Pedophilia Case – W.H. Crumbling (DETAILS)


Yet another black cloud is now hovering over President Donald Trump. There are claims that Trump has been named as an eyewitness in a trial for a convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, who is a billionaire, and being sued by a lawyer for malicious prosecution.
According to Law Newz, Florida attorney Jack Scarola said:

‘President Donald Trump has been identified as an individual who may have information relating to these allegations.’

Scarola attested that he has proof that an employee of the Trump owned club, Mar-a-Lago, was chosen by Epstein to get involved with molestations.

The trial will be difficult and hopefully will start soon; charges include malicious prosecution and defamation, filed by Bradley Edwards, an attorney out of Florida.

Along with Epstein, Edwards is also representing several of the supposed victims that are filing separate civil charges against Epstein. The intriguing part is the involvement of Donald Trump.

Trump and Epstein have been connected in prior situations. Epstein is well known for holding sex parties with underage individuals. One lady who sued Trump during his election campaign alleged that he had raped her in a violent manner when she was only thirteen years old.

There were four separate parties where the defendant Trump allegedly initiated sexual contact with the plaintiff. During the final encounter of sexual activities, she alleged that Trump tied her to a bed and proceeded to expose himself to her before forcing himself on her. The plaintiff claims she begged Trump to stop the vicious attack but he continued with the attack. Trump allegedly acted on the pleas with repeatedly slapping her in the face and declaring he could and would do whatever he pleased to do.

There were two additional witnesses who strengthened the allegations by supporting the story given. However, due to death threats and forcing the victim into silence the case was dropped. Being represented by Scarola, Edwards stated:

‘Trump and Epstein have acknowledged that they were friends, that they have socialized together. We have reason to believe that Trump was a guest in Epstein’s home during the period of time that Epstein was engaged in molestation.’

Epstein is also well known for hosting his underage sex parties on his private plane in which Trump was also claimed to be in attendance. The testimony mentioned that Epstein has a phone directory in a file on his computer that list more than 14 contact numbers for Trump along with emergency contacts, car numbers, and contacts for Trump’s security guard and houseman.

Because of his wealth and white privilege, Epstein was charged with a measly 13 months of prison time for the act of sexual abusing nearly 40 underage females during these sexual affairs. Trump will likely be kept exempt from testifying but this is just another piece of his past that comes with horrifying details.

There have been 14 separate accusations from women who claim the president, who has revoltingly and notoriously bragged that “he can and will”, touch women whenever he chooses to do so, sexually assaulted them. Even his ex-wife, Ivana has exposed the savage raping she endured from her husband. Trump acquaintances himself with convicted child predators and on many occasions has been reported to have said derogatory sexual remarks about young girls.

It is gut wrenching that this man was elected to be the “leader” and President of the U.S. Wake up people, he is pure evil.

Featured image via GettyImages/Timothy A Cleary.