New ObamaCare/TrumpCare Poll Released & The Results Have Trump Steaming Mad


For the past six years, the GOP has ran on a platform to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. However, now that they’ve actually unveiled their replacement, it has left a lot of voters confused and angry.


In fact, a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that a majority of Americans prefer the ACA over the Republican-backed American Healthcare Act. Given their current options, 49 percent of Americans surveyed said that they prefer the ACA over the AHCA. A mere 24 percent of those questioned say that they prefer the Republican alternative.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are most united in their opposition to the GOP’s plan with 71 percent of them saying they oppose it and 15 percent in favor of it. Independents are also opposed to Republican Party’s current proposal with 49% being against it and 22 percent being for it.

While registered Republicans are, obviously, more open to Paul Ryan’s plan, they are still not completely sold. In total, a mere 37 percent of Republican support the plan whereas 22 percent oppose it. Opposition from Democrats is to be expected, but if the GOP can’t rally their own base to support the plan then that’s a sign that it needs additional work.


In terms of popular support, the ACA is more popular than it has ever been with 47 percent of voters favoring the plan. Only 39 percent opposed it. When forced to choose between the ACA or the ACHA, the difference becomes even starker with 49 percent of people preferring the ACA whereas only 29 percent chose the ACHA.

Even the general concept of “repeal and replace” appears to be losing its appeal among many Americans. When asked whether they supported a general repeal of the ACA, only 32 percent of voters said they thought it was the best way to handle healthcare. An overwhelming 63 percent say they think the ACA should be kept and improved.

Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling, said that there is virtually no support for the ACHA.

‘There’s virtually no support for the Republican health care plan. Voters have been getting warmer and warmer toward the Affordable Care Act and would much rather keep it than switch to the new proposal on the table.’

In terms of Russia, a majority of those surveyed said that felt that there should be an independent investigation into Russia’s interference in the general election. A total of 65 percent of those surveyed said they believe there needs to be an investigation. Only 28 percent said they were opposed to it.

On the matter of Trump and Russia, the majority of those polled said that they did believe that Putin wanted Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. Sixty percent of those surveyed said they believe that Putin supported Trump. A mere 16 percent thought that he supported Clinton. However, Trump supporters were more divided with 30 percent saying Putin wanted Clinton to win and a mere 28 percent saying he was supportive of her Republican rival.

As this poll shows, the ACA is more popular than ever meaning that if the Republicans do decide to repeal and replace it, they will be facing a difficult road in the mid-term elections.

Featured image via Getty Images.