Canadian PM Woos Ivanka In The Most Ironic Way Possible – Daddy’s Mad (VIDEO)


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted Ivanka Trump, along with a whole host of other notable figures, for the Wednesday night performance of the new Broadway musical “Come From Away.”

This wasn’t just a social gathering, though. The musical that Trump saw with Trudeau and others tells the story of a small Newfoundland town that took in thousands of travelers from around the world who had their flights diverted out of American airspace in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks.

That story line has obvious immediate relevance to the present state of affairs in the United States. President Trump, for example, is seemingly determined to get his Muslim targeting travel ban enacted in some form. He’s already signed it into law twice, in slightly different forms. It’s been struck down by a judge both times, but, again, Trump is by all appearances determined to get the ban enacted.

A number of asylum seekers have, in recent weeks, gone to Canada instead of staying in the United States in the face of Trump’s travel ban threats.

On that note, PM Trudeau commented before Wednesday night’s performance that he hoped that the musical could serve as a beacon in the possibly treacherous path ahead for U.S./ Canada relations. After all, the musical, which is about Canadians taking it upon themselves to help the United States in its time of need, comes as Canadian policy and U.S. policy diverge ever further. Trudeau is an Obama/ Clinton-esque liberal, while Trump is, obviously, Trump.

As Trudeau commented before the show, “There is no relationship quite like the friendship between Canada and the United States. This story, this amazing show, is very much about that, and it’s about friendship as well.”

The New York Times says that Trudeau did not address any specific policy issues in his remarks. Rather, he simply focused on the ideals trumpeted by the production.

According to the NYT, Ivanka Trump was a member of “a delegation of 600 people — including more than 125 ambassadors to the United Nations” who were brought to the performance by the Canadian consulate general in New York. Trump sat with PM Trudeau and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Check out a video of Trudeau’s pre-show remarks below.


Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.