Paul Ryan Finally Admits The GOP Healthcare Plan Is A Giant Hot Mess (VIDEO)


Paul “Throw Granny Off A Cliff” Ryan has begun to see the light. His TrumpCare plan was basically dead in the water. Republicans on the far right hate it, and Republican moderates hate it, too. After the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] released its estimates, public opinion dropped like a rock. Ryan is desperate now.

House Speaker Ryan beat up on the CBO, then threw out his steps one through three to confuse the matter. Finally, Ryan admitted Wednesday that he would have to make some changes and improvements to avoid a huge disaster and for the bill to pass the House.

Ryan is lacking in empathy. He uses an example of forcing his son to endure a broken arm all night before taking him to the ER, to point out how people overuse the healthcare system. He has long dreamed of kicking the legs out from under Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare.

In a Thursday press conference on MSNBC News, the Speaker lied about the CBO numbers. He stated that the CBO said TrumpCare would lower premiums. That is patently false. In the next several years, premiums would be substantially higher.

The CBO projected a nonpartisan opinion that 14 million people would lose their health insurance after one year under TrumpCare. Within 10 years, 24 million fewer people would be insured, according to MSNBC News.

According to the Washington Post, Ryan commented on the CBO’s estimate of the GOP plan’s cost:

‘Now that we have our score we can make some necessary improvements and refinements to the bill.’

Ryan talked about Trump’s support of the bill, saying he was trying to crack a deal. Members of Congress have been enthusiastically harkening back to the days before the Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare/ACA] went into effect. Of course, tens of millions could not get insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Then, there were the caps and skyrocketing premiums.

Republicans also falsely claim that the U.S. had the best healthcare in the world before ObamaCare. That is simply not true. The average amount developed countries spend on healthcare per person is $3814 per year, according to MSNBC. The U.S. spends an average of $9,451 per person.

Out of 11 developed countries, the U.S. comes in 5th in quality of healthcare, 9th in access, 11th in equity, 11th in healthy lives, and 11th in the efficiency of the delivery of healthcare. Britain has the top-rated healthcare system. Switzerland comes in 2nd. Sweden is 3rd, and the U.S. is last in 11th place.

Ryan’s TrumpCare is really about giving the richest 1 percent a huge tax break and rewarding the insurance industry, that has contributed so richly to his campaign.

Here is a remarkable Throw Granny Off A Cliff Public Service Announcement:

Check out this video of Ryan caving below:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Win McNamee.