Trump Just Bombed A Mosque In Syria – At Least 57 Innocent Victims Dead (DETAILS)


Thursday the United States air force launched an airstrike on a mosque located in the war torn city of Aleppo, Syria — during prayer — which resulted in carnage.

The attack came early in the day Thursday at the Umar ibn Khattāb mosque, which was packed, due to it being evening prayer. The airstrike, carried out by the U.S., killed at least 57 people, with numbers still coming in. Hundreds of worshippers attending evening prayer were also wounded, several critically. The mosque was totally destroyed, leaving only rubble, which volunteers are digging through to find those trapped in the debris.

The strike was meant to target those suspected of belonging to Syria’s al-Qaeda branch, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham. But 300 hundred Muslim worshippers were in the mosque when the strike came, so under the Trump administration they went in knowing that many innocent people would be killed in the place of worship.

One has to wonder if Trump’s cold-blooded promise to “take out the families” of suspected terrorists was what pushed this attack, despite the knowledge that it would result in a massive loss of innocent lives.

Be warned, the photos below are graphic:

At first, it was thought that the airstrike was perhaps the Russians, but in the rubble of the mosque American missile fragments were found by rescuers.

In Trump’s short time as president he has managed to get so much blood on his hands, first in Yemen, which resulted in the deaths of 30 innocent people, 10 of them children, but now in Syria, where people are desperate for help. This isn’t help. This is mass murder.

For those who don’t have compassion for people not born on U.S. soil, perhaps they should consider the fact that Syrian rebels are now equating the United States with Russia and Assad. Not good.

Is this the reason for Trump wanting money redirected into the military while essential programs, that actually benefit the United States and it’s citizens, are set to be dismantled? Monetarily, war is expensive. Donald Trump wants a war. This should scare everyone.

The video in the tweet below is extremely graphic, proceed with caution.

Featured Image via Getty Images