Trump Pick Just Said Afterschool Programs That Feed Kids Don’t Matter (VIDEO)

931 reports that in 2015 13.1 million children lived in food insecure households. That same year, 14.5 million children resided in poverty, and households with children had higher rates of living impoverished and food insecure, than households without children.

Some people would make a strong argument that one child living hungry and/or in poverty in America, is one child too many. Those same people would likely feel that failing to support families in need of food for children, is an act of child abuse on the part of the government.

Not ensuring children eat would be especially atrocious given this country’s vast resources, the money spent on defense programs and the United States’ constant involvement in the relief/support efforts of other countries. Nevertheless, the unfortunate reality is that for some children, the meals they eat at school is often the only food they eat.

Mick Mulvaney, Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Office of Budge and Management, doesn’t care about the children who only eat at school.

POLITICO reported that Mulvaney’s privilege blinds him to the extent of not realizing that cutting funding to programs that enable schools to feed children, is making a bold statement about how little he values the lives of poor children in America. Without going in to what kinds of results he expects to see from programs that feed youth, besides children having a basic need met, Mulvaney said the programs aren’t fair to taxpayers because there is no data to support their effectiveness.

Mulvaney also had the audacity to argue:

‘Meals on Wheels sounds great. We’re not going to spend [money] on programs that cannot show that they actually deliver the promises that we’ve made to people.’

Per the usual with anyone in Trump’s camp, Mulvaney is missing the point. The goal of programs designed to feed people, is for people to eat. When they eat, “the promises” that have been made to the American people, are fulfilled. It really is that simple.

Taking his nerve a bit further, Mulvaney said that cutting food programs for the poor to increase military funding is:

‘One of the most compassionate things we can do.’

Projecting his shortsightedness and ignorance on others, Mulvaney went on to assert:

‘You’re only focusing on half of the equation, right? You’re focusing on recipients of the money. We’re trying to focus on both the recipients of the money and the folks who give us the money in the first place. And I think it’s fairly compassionate to go to them and say, Look, we’re not going to ask you for your hard-earned money anymore, unless we can guarantee to you that that money is actually going to be used in a proper function. And I think that is about as compassionate as you can get.’

Mulvaney provided no data or information to support his allusion regarding the funds allocated for food programs not being used “in a proper function.” To that end, one can safety deduce that Mulvaney, via Trump and the rest of the administration, simply don’t care whether those who can’t afford food, eat or not.

Footage of Mulvaney making his very privileged, classist, and hateful comments, is below:

Featured Image screenshot via YouTube.