Trump State Takes Away Food Stamps From Over 200,000 Hungry People (DETAILS)


What is up with the current trend of Republicans taking away poor people’s food? With Republicans controlling most of the government federally and on the state level in many states across America, poor people are going to go hungry.

The Tampa Bay Times reported the House committee in Florida voted yesterday to take away the access to food stamps for around 229,000 people.

‘The House Appropriations Committee passed a bill (HB 581) by freshman Rep. Frank White, R-Pensacola, that would restore income eligibility for households for food stamps to 130 percent of the poverty level, the minimum level set by the federal government.’

Rep. Carlos Trujillo, the committee chairman, explained the bill was necessary because he’s seen people at the grocery store using food stamps with a Mercedes key chain. Yea, a key chain. Trujillo added:

‘I’m not sure if she was buying food for her grandmother but it seemed to me like it was all her own stuff. I think there’s a lot, a lot of abuse in South Florida.’

The Tampa Bay Times noted that Trujillo said the incident happened shortly after he got married. He got married back in 2007. The absolute horror of seeing someone with a Mercedes keychain! Did you know you can buy a brand spankin’ new Mercedes keychain off of Ebay for like three bucks? Did you know grandparents could perhaps leave an old Mercedes to their grandchildren when they die? Did you know someone could have borrowed that Mercedes from a friend and had their key ring? Did you know they could have bought it used for a steal if a dealership was desperate enough to get rid of inventory or if they bought privately?

Point is, you never know someone’s circumstances, especially when you’re judging them by a keychain. Never judge a book by its… keychain.

It is undeniable that there IS abuse of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, just like there is abuse in all fields of social welfare programs. There’s also abuse in all agencies of the government too, but back to the subject at hand. Florida is constantly awarded bonuses from the federal government because they have a low food stamp error rate.

The sponsor of the bill, Frank White, explained to his colleagues why he felt there was a need for the bill.

‘I think every tax dollar is sacred. We should spend those tax dollars as if they are our own.’

No, Frank. That’s not how taxes work. Taxes are paid by the people to fund government programs from roads, social welfare programs, education, to your salary. You don’t get to spend them as your own – at least, you’re not supposed to.

Of course, the bill passed 18-9. Democratic representatives spoke out against the bill. Rep. Bobby Dubose argued:

‘We’re picking winners and losers when we’re dealing with folks who are low income. At the end of the day, poor is poor.’

Problem is, the government gets to decide who is poor. So, what is poor under the bill’s guidelines? NBC 2 reported:

‘The House bill (HB 581) would limit food stamps to families that earn less than 130 percent of the federal poverty limit or $2,633 a month for a family of four.’

However, Trujillo feels that people going hungry and hurting because their hungry is simply a subjective opinion.

The bill gives a $300,000 grant to update technology for verification of family assets.

NBC 2 reported the bill has been approved by two House committees.

Featured image via Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain).