Paul Ryan Was Just Exposed As A Soulless Monster (DETAILS)


Some politicians got their start with dreams of making life easier for the less fortunate. House Speaker Paul Ryan is not one of those politicians.

On Friday, according to a tweet from POLITICO reporter Adam Cancryn, Ryan revealed that he has actually been dreaming about screwing over poor Americans for quite some time.

While referring to capping Medicaid funding, Ryan told National Review editor Rich Lowry that they have been “dreaming of this since [they] were drinking out of a keg.”

Ryan was speaking to Lowry at this year’s National Review Institute Ideas Summit, a conference that “brings together leading public intellectuals, conservative leaders and policymakers, and philanthropists.”

Ryan later added that he and the congressional Republicans involved in the creation of the American Health Care Act “are on the cusp of doing something that [they’ve] long believed in.”

The American Health Care Act, which was introduced to the public just last week, has already been the recipient of harsh criticism from Americans on both sides of the aisle. The fact that the AHCA’s Medicaid reforms would render up to 24 million Americans uninsured by 2026 has caused much concern, as has the fact that the plan would cause premiums for elderly Americans to increase by up to 750 percent.

With these facts in mind, many people commented on Cancryn’s tweet expressing their disgust with the Ryan, his statement, and his healthcare bill in general.

Several people were simply astounded by the fact that Ryan would make such a comment, even as a joke.

Plenty of others pointed out the hypocrisy in Ryan wanting to take away important programs from other Americans when he himself has benefited from the system. When Ryan was 16, he began receiving Social Security benefits after his father died from a heart attack. Ryan saved those benefits and used the money to pay for college.

Another commenter couldn’t resist creating this frightening mental image for all of Twitter.

Meanwhile, some other Twitter users provided us with some actual images that are hilarious, but slightly less disturbing.

Watch the comment that started all of this in the video below, available via Twitter.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.