NFL Quarterback Brazenly Defies Donald Trump & Becomes Instant Hero (DETAILS)


Colin Kaepernick is back.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has just announced plans to help bring food and water to Somalians who are currently suffering from a famine.

In a video posted to social media early Saturday, the NFL star said: “Amazing news! Turkish Airlines granted us an airplane to fly to Somalia. [It’s a] 60 ton cargo plane, so we can fly there with food, with water for these people.”

He went on describe the plan:

‘Now we’ve started a GoFundMe page to allow anyone to help us donate food, donate water; we’ll make sure every cent goes to helping these people. This is a victory for the people of Somalia. It was done out of love, out of respect for these people. We wanted to bring structure to this, so now we’re going to use the name “Love Army for Somalia.” So use the hashtag “#LoveArmyforSomalia,” and this is amazing, let’s keep building, let’s keep going.’

Kaepernick first joined the call for Turkish Airlines to donate a plane to deliver supplies to famine-struck Somalia this past Friday, when he posted a video to social media featuring his plea. Kaepernick’s video came after 26-year-old French Snapchat star Jerome Jarre posted a similar video on Wednesday, urging Turkish Airlines to use their status as the only airline that flies into Somalia to help starving Somalis.

In a video posted to the airliner’s Twitter page, a pilot says:

‘Ladies and gentlemen, with today’s flight TK686 to Somalia, we are not only taking off to the skies but hearts as well. As the only airline that connects Somalia with the rest of the world, we will be more than happy to deliver your love and assistance to Somalia on your behalf.’

As Kaepernick mentioned, there is now a GoFundMe page set up where people can donate towards the efforts to gather supplies to send to Somalia.

Ironically, while Kaepernick and others are coming together to help suffering Somalis, the Trump Administration is targeting the nation with its latest attempt at a travel ban.

Kaepernick first rose to prominence when he refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance as a show of solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

You can watch Kaepernick’s video announcing the plans to bring supplies to Somalia below.

Featured Image via Scott Cunningham/Getty Images.