White House Panics As 340,000 Anti-Trump Protestors Prepare To Disrupt America (DETAILS)


Hoping to reach their 2006 record of one million food industry protestors, organizers are preparing for a May 1 strike, which is a traditional day for international labor activism. After all, ever since Donald Trump was elected, it seems the country has awakened and found its activist soul.

The food industry worker advocacy group ROC United co-director Saru Jayaraman and the affiliated restaurant owners and workers organized a huge strike for the original Day Without Immigrants protest in 2006.

Founder and executive director the food manufacturers’ workers of Brandworkers Daniel Gross told BuzzFeed News:

‘That was the largest national rising in many, many decades. For those of us who were fortunate enough to be involved, we’ll tell you, it was a strike. That 2006 momentum has not yet been duplicated on May 1 to date.’

President of the California chapter of the Service Employees International Union David Huerta anticipates over 300,000 food chain workers and additional 40,000 unionized service workers will strike. His union includes janitors, security officers, and airport personnel. He spoke to BuzzFeed News:

‘We understand that there’s risk involved in that, but we’re willing to take that risk in order to be able to move forward in this moment, while the most marginalized are in the crosshairs of this administration.’

The Food Chain Workers Alliance consists of nonunionized food industry workers. These people have agreed to join the strike. The alliance released this statement to BuzzFeed News:

‘We are a workforce made up mostly of immigrants, women, African Americans, and indigenous people. Without workers, who does Trump think will harvest the crops, craft the food, transport it to market, stock the shelves, cook in kitchens, and serve the meals?’

The Rural Community Workers Alliance organizer Axel Fuentes told Buzzfeed that abortion was a primary issue for his people, but now they regret voting for Trump:

‘There are workers in this area that voted for Donald Trump. But what they are
seeing is not what they were expecting to happen with this administration. They’re seeing freedom of religion under threat, immigration under threat, and they’ve expressed regret for voting for him.’

It looks as if Donald Trump is quickly losing his core supporters.

Check out this video about Day Without Immigrants, detailing just what people are risking to protest:

Featured Image: Getty Images/David McNew.

[H/T: BuzzFeed News.]