Angry Protesters Line Streets To Scream At Trump Motorcade As It Passes (VIDEO)


As part of his many campaign promises, Donald Trump promised to stimulate the U.S. economy. What many of his supporters failed to realize is that Trump would start that stimulation by putting as much money back into his own pockets as possible, while simultaneously costing the American people.

This weekend marked Trump’s fifth trip to his Mar a Lago resort since he took office. Headlines like the ones below remind everyone that Trump’s weekend jaunts to Palm Beach, are noteworthy for all of the wrong reasons:

‘First Lady in Red: Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago for the FIFTH time since becoming president after Barron’s first flight on Marine One – but all eyes are on Melania who stuns in regal coat-dress and matching gloves’

Trump’s regular visits to what he has ignorantly dubbed “the winter White House” are also becoming a source of contention for the residents.

In case you missed the message at the end of the video, the letters the protesters are holding come together to send this message to Trump:
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To the approximately 13% of Palm Beach residents who are over age 65, Trump is a liar.

For Palm Beach’s older residents, especially the ones who voted for Trump, the sentiment that they’ve been hoodwinked, likely runs high. Trump’s American Health Care Act is set to raise their health care costs substantially, which for many who live on fixed retirement or Social Security incomes, could prove to be damning – possibly deadly if they’re unable to get prescribed medications.

On top of the insult of being lied to about what is set to be skyrocketing healthcare costs, Trump’s almost weekly getaways to Mar a Lago are costing Palm Beach residents in three ways: First, their federal taxes are being used to cover the cost of Trump’s security, travel, room, and board, as well as the travel, room, and board of his security and/or whomever he is hosting at a given time.

Second, Palm Beach Mayor Paulette Burdick, just announced that she may also have to raise taxes to cover the cost of securing the city when Trump comes to town.

For all of the trouble he is causing Palm Beach residents, Trump did offer a mea culpa: Palm Beach residents were invited to Mar a Lago so Trump could say, “thank you.”

Featured Image via Getty/Joe Raedle/Staff.