JUST IN: Ivanka Trump Hit With Massive New Lawsuit, Entire Family Exposed (DETAIL)


America better get ready for an ear full from President Donald Trump. If he isn’t livid yet he will be soon. In San Francisco’s Superior Court on Thursday there was a lawsuit filed against Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Modern Appealing Clothing, a boutique in the Bay Area of California, filed for the situation at hand to be brought to the attention of the public.

1. This is an action for unfair competition by a San Francisco clothing and accessories business in California that directly competes with defendant IVANKA TRUMP MARKS, LLC, in the sale of women’s clothing and accessories. Plaintiff seeks a court order forbidding defendant IVANKA TRUMP MARKS, LLC, and DOES 1 through 50 from continuing to compete unfairly with plaintiff in the woman’s clothing and accessories business in California.

It makes perfect sense. As the daughter of the president of the U.S., Ivanka already has a greater advantage to advertise her products, not to mention her father being a seemingly fraudulent businessman can probably pull some strings for her too. She has an unfair advantage in the shopping industry without a doubt.

In the lawsuit it was stated that there were beliefs that Donald Trump assisted Ivanka with her advancement in the marketplace by lashing out on Nordstrom in a tweet that praised her great character and expressing his disappointment with how “terrible” Nordstrom is.

It was also mentioned that Kellyanne Conway, the president’s “bratty” counselor, dedicated some of her time during an interview with Fox News to encourage the people to go shop for and purchase items from Ivanka’s line. Conway even attempted to turn it around on the plaintiffs, accusing them of tearing down a woman who is fighting for the empowerment of women. What a disgrace.

In the San Francisco area, Modern Appealing Clothing is a deep-rooted favorite since 1980 along with other brands like Hayes Valley and the Dogpatch. The San Francisco Chronicle described the stores as San Francisco’s fashion wonderland and they also suggested that it was a treasured brand worldwide not just in the local vicinity of San Francisco.

There are currently no set repercussions of the lawsuit and none mentioned in the filed claim. The businesses of the Trump family should all be placed on hold to avoid interference with the presidency, not that he is doing anything worth being around for.

Featured image via GettyImages/ Chip