Sean Spicer Attempts To Defend Trump’s Golfing Vs Obama’s – Fails Miserably


In an interview on the Today Show former President George W. Bush used Donald Trump’s treatment of the media to send a powerful message about treating Donald Trump differently than former President Obama. Bush in essence said that if President Obama was criticized/held accountable for something, Donald Trump should be criticized/held accountable in the same ways.

Although Bush was specifically talking about how Trump treats the media, that fact that President Obama was called out for seemingly everything he did is something that everyone should be mindful of, especially where some of Trump’s more egregious acts are concerned.

For example, Trump just spent his fifth weekend at one of his properties since being sworn in. Aside from the fact that he is vacationing on the dimes of American citizens and some of those dimes are going right back into his pockets, the message he sends when so frivolously displaying how he uses his time, is one that feels to many like he doesn’t take his job seriously.

It was in this spirit that, at a press conference on Monday, one reporter thought it was time to get answers from the White House about Trump’s repeated vacations/weekend getaways. The reporter called Sean Spicer’s attention to the fact that Trump’s fifth Mar a Lago trip this past weekend was at least his tenth time golfing since inauguration. He also reminded Spicer how harshly Trump criticized President Obama’s golf getaways.

One would hope that Spicer would answer honestly and say that there is no difference other than perhaps President Obama didn’t golf nearly as much as Trump, especially so soon into his time in office. That didn’t happen, though.

Sean Spicer totally excused Trump’s travels. In fact, he attempted to separate Trump’s trips from President Obama’s by saying that Trump:

‘. . .utilized this opportunity with Prime Minister Abe ummmm, to uhhhh to help f-foster deeper relationships in Southeast Asia uhhh, in Asia rather and have a growing relationship that’s going to help U.S. interest.’

The pauses and stutters as he tried to answer didn’t help to make Spicer’s argument a convincing one. Then, for anyone who doesn’t know how you can play golf and talk, just as people can have dinner at the White House and converse for much less money, Spicer went on to give a mini-lesson on why Trump’s travels are permissible:

‘How you use the game of golf is something that he’s talked about. Secondly, you know, we went to ummm, down to he had a mini-cabinet meeting the other day down, errr two weekends ago uhh, down at his, his uhh club in Virginia and I remember so many people were jumping to the conclusion that he was, that he’s going down and playing golf. Just ’cause you go somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean you {inaudible}. So on a couple of occasions he’s actually conducted meetings there.’

Not only did Spicer fail to answer the question, it seems that he missed the whole point of why it was asked. If Trump is simply conducting meetings and handling business as the nation’s top diplomat, then he doesn’t have to do so in ways that cost taxpayers, money. He definitely doesn’t need to cost citizens money and redirect that money back into his own pockets.

To watch Sean Spicer “ummm” and “uhhh” his way through not answering how Trump’s golfing is different than President Obama’s, view the footage below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.