TIME & People Make Huge Correspondents’ Dinner Announcement (DETAILS)


It’s official. No one wants to attend the Trump Administration’s Correspondents’ Dinner. Two more major publications have gotten in line to avoid the failing president’s first event. Trump himself has said he will not even be attending his own event, this, after media backlash that Trump did not take very well.

Now, TIME and People say that they will not be holding their annual Correspondents’ Dinner party. They aren’t the first ones to deny an invitation, however. According to POLITICO:

“The move follows several other high profile parties being canceled for the annual event, during which the Washington media, politicians, and often celebrities gather to celebrate journalism awards, scholarships and normally to toast the president.”

It is still unknown if any member of the Trump Administration will be in attendance, but one thing is looking clearer. This may be a very empty dinner, and we all know what Trump will take from that. He will send out some random 5am tweet about no one showing up just because he wasn’t there.

Other publications that have stepped down from their typical celeb-packed events are Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Alan Murray of TIME released the following statement:

“This year we have decided to focus on supporting the White House Correspondents Association, which plays a crucial role in advocating for the broadest possible access for the press at the White House.”

People from TIME will still attend the party, however, People will only be donating the cost of their empty table.

This is history, folks. Soak it up.