Trump Shows Signs Of ‘Paranoia And Delusions’ – Not Handling Comey Hearing Well


Today was a major day in news regarding the Trump administration. We had the Comey hearing, where FBI Director James Comey confirmed there was an investigation into Russian-Trump ties and indicated there was no evidence to support Trump’s claims of being wiretapped by the previous Obama administration.

With those revelations coming to light, we didn’t expect Trump to fare too well – especially since he already threw an early morning Twitter temper tantrum before the day really even got started (like 3 am early).

Some Republicans are confirming those expectations. MSNBC contributor Nicole Wallace appeared on TV and revealed that insiders are saying it’s bad… really bad. She said:

‘I sense that they have no plans today of walking away from this claim. This is still the president’s belief. Some folks still close to the president, but not on the White House staff said it’s a word I can’t say on family-friendly TV, but the initials are B and S. Another person who spent time with the president this weekend in Florida said it was signs of paranoia and delusion around this idea that he’s so right. Interestingly, he has sought to have people outside the government corroborate this wiretapping claim, with either suggests this observation of paranoia and delusion is in fact operation or extreme ignorance of all the powers at his disposal and all the investigative powers of the federal government.’

Indeed, Shepard Smith noted this last week during his show when he said at any time Trump could ask the intelligence services whether or not he had been wiretapped. So, Wallace brings up a great point. If Trump won’t go to those that could easily allay his fears, it’s a sign that he does not trust the people working for him, which is an absolutely perfect example of paranoia.

It’s really not unreasonable at this point to be concerned for Trump’s mental health. He’s the president of the United States. He wanted it; he got it. He’s in charge of the nuclear buttons and a Twitter account that he uses way too much. Almost everybody agrees the wiretapping claims are outrageous, yet, he won’t let it go whatsoever. It’s time for him to step back for the sake of America’s well-being and his own mental health.

You can watch Wallace’s comments below:

Featured image via Getty Images / Scott Olson.