White House Issues Wild Threat To Sanctuary Cities Who Refuse To Follow Muslim Ban


In breaking news from USA Today, President Trump and his administration have just executed their worst scare-tactic yet, and upped the stakes for “sanctuary jurisdictions” who do not honor his order to detain undocumented immigrants.

President Trump ordered that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) create and share a weekly publication which outlines crimes committed that week by undocumented immigrants — a move quite literally out of the Nazi playbook. Monday, the DHS did just that.

206 undocumented immigrants were highlighted in the publication, and it identified their local charge and potential prison release dates. The cases they selected include ones for which arrests were made as far back as 2014 — talk about intentionally trying to make the group look bad. Even more concerning, 56 percent of the people featured in this publication by the DHS have not been convicted. This means that their inclusion is based on allegations of having committed crimes — which if proven false, is frankly slanderous. Of course, instances of murder and sexual assault were included among the list of alleged crimes, but lesser crimes like driving violations and violations of probation were also included.

Further, they published a list of 118 sanctuary areas which they would be seeking to penalize for not adhering to the federal guidelines regarding undocumented immigrants. For example, all new crimes committed or of suspect to have been committed by undocumented immigrants, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told local law enforcement groups to always detain said person(s) for up to 48 hours.

Trump claimed these publications were to “better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions.” Essentially, he wanted the  publications to be a way to scare the public into making their municipal governments comply with the discriminatory order.

President Donald Trump can claim all he wants that he is making America safer, but that doesn’t make it true. President Obama also prioritized the deportation of undocumented immigrants who had committed crimes, but only serious crimes. Let’s be honest — no one should be living their lives in fear of a traffic violation leading to being uprooted and sent back to potentially dangerous situations in their birth country. Yet to Trump, it doesn’t even matter if the people he’s villainizing and deporting are guilty or not.

Americans need to fight back against this crimes publication. But the list of cities that the DHS reported however, should probably be spread far and wide and the government and local law enforcement groups of these areas should be recognized positively. The country needs to rally around these cities and continue to talk about how their strength in opposing the federal order is appreciated and needed.

Problematically, these sanctuary cities are likely to face heavy consequences for their opposition. The Trump administration recently confirmed that these areas would be stripped of federal grant funding should they not comply fully to their demands. This extortion tactic would lead to hundreds of millions of dollars lost for these cities from the DHS and the Department of Justice, despite several courts confirming that these cities are under no legal obligation to adhere to the orders.

On that note, Clark County, Nevada swings into first place for actively ignored Trump’s order the largest number of times (51) during the week of the report. Nassau County, New York comes in a respectable second, turning down 38 detainees that week, while Cook County, Illinois was third at 13.

Feature Image via Getty Images/John Moore.