Biden Gives Most Damning Trump Interview Yet, ‘What The Hell Are We Doing?’ (VIDEO)


On Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden slammed the Trump administration over their connections with Russia. Criticizing Rex Tillerson, who is Secretary of State, after he decided before a NATO meeting that he would pay a visit to Russia, Biden told reporters at the White House:

‘The notion that there’s still this romance with Putin… I’m told [Tillerson] has decided he’s going to go visit Putin before he goes to the NATO conference? What in the hell are we doing?’

Reuters announced Monday that Tillerson would not be attending a NATO meeting of foreign ministers, which is scheduled for April 5-6, but instead will remain in the United States to greet China’s president, Xi Jinping, alongside of President Trump. After that, the secretary of state will go to Russia and meet with Trump’s old pal, Vladimir Putin.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are calling for a complete investigation into Russia’s involvement in hacking the DNC last year during the 2016 presidential election.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  released a report together in December explaining how Russia was linked to the DNC hacks.

On Monday, FBI Director James Comey gave confirmation that the bureau is currently investigating connections between Russia and Trump’s goons, including connections with Trump’s election bid and Moscow.

Former Vice President Biden commented Wednesday, as he was visiting Washington D.C. to lead a rally of Democrats to show their support of ObamaCare just one day prior to the House voting on a bill that will void and replace it.

Biden also commented on Trump’s Twitter allegations from earlier this month, when the president claimed that former President Barack Obama had the “wires tapped” at Trump Tower.

According to a reporter named Frank Thorp, when asked if Trump Tower had been tapped by President Obama during the 2016 presidential campaign, Biden responded in a humorous manner, saying:

‘Five or six times. Are you joking? Are you serious?’

On Monday, Comey also said that there was no “no information” from the Justice Department to support Trump’s phony wiretap claims.

Check out the video below, courtesy of Emily Ngo:

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