Mark Cuban Hints At Major Political Career Move – Move Over Trump (DETAILS)


Mark Cuban has become a well known staple in American politics after going head to head with Donald Trump throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. The Hillary backer says that, while he is a Libertarian, he does find there to be an abundance of government regulations.

Unlike Trump, however, Cuban sees the need for regulations for vital resources like clean drinking water. (The president wouldn’t drink from a tap to save his life, but for many Americans who can’t afford costly treatments or filters, this is reality.)

Cuban believes that healthcare is the same. There are regulations that are overbearing, and there are regulations that save lives. Cuban says you should be guaranteed healthcare if say, “a toilet falls out of a space lab and hits you on the head.” But you shouldn’t however, be given healthcare for less than threatening injuries.

According to Newsweek:

“Many libertarians may look askance at such a position, and perhaps also wonder why guaranteed government health care was even a topic of discussion for a panel titled “Is Government Disrupting Disruption?” In reality, talks about disruptive innovation and government regulation probably took up only a quarter of the conversation of the panel.”

“The panel’s apparent actual function was to float the trial balloon of ‘Mark Cuban: 2020 Presidential Contender.'”

When asked about a possible presidential run in 2020, Cuban dodged the question by cleverly turning the focus on wildly unpopular president, Donald Trump. Cuban said:

“There’s somebody who has to run that looks forward and not like it’s 1975.”

“But I like presidents who read.”

Cuban’s popularity during the last campaign season has made him a welcome contender to go up against Trump, if he should somehow skate through to 2020. The country is ready for another no-nonsense liberal in the White House after the very long first two months of the Trump administration.