Rachel Maddow Just Addressed All Her Haters & It Couldn’t Be More Perfect (VIDEO)


We all wanted to know what Trump’s tax returns were like. When Rachel Maddow obtained them and released them on MSNBC, several were disappointed. There was no smoking gun, really. However, the fact she got them was significant in and of itself.

Regardless, she’s faced criticism and backlash for the hype that surrounded the revealing. Maddow appeared on The View Wednesday and set the record straight.

‘In terms of breaking the news, I felt my responsibility was to show the information, to be transparent about where we got it from, to talk about some of these issues in terms of the sourcing issues. We honestly have no idea where it came from. It very well might have come from the president himself, but the overall issue being the importance of the president releasing his tax returns, why it’s so unusual that he hasn’t, why therefore even getting this little bit of information is a big deal.’

She then dropped a bomb on her haters.

‘So, for me, that’s what I felt like I had to do, and I did it. Like me or don’t, I did it right, as far as I’m concerned.’


Maddow was asked by Whoopi Goldberg why 2005 would be a significant year for the tax return to be released. She explained that it was Trump’s first joint filing with his wife, Melania Trump. She did not become a citizen until 2006. She noted that Customs requires those applying for citizenship to bring their tax returns. It would be important for 2005 to be spotless for her to obtain her citizenship.

She also added that in 2005, the biography TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald by Tim O’Brien was published that alleged Trump was not really a billionaire and had no where near that amount of money. It’s plausible Trump would have felt compelled to release returns that prove otherwise. We all know he’s a self-exalting barrelful of moose hair. Anything that would reveal him as less than an orange god would upset him. The tax return in 2005 revealed he had only made $150 million that year.

Watch Maddow’s comments on The View below, via YouTube:


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