Bush’s Lawyer Says Trump Is Treasonous ‘There Is No Other Word For It’ (TWEET)


Former White House Chief ethics lawyer under the George W. Bush administration, Richard Painter, has spoken out regarding Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

Painter, along with other former White House ethics attorneys, have teamed up to file a lawsuit alleging that President Trump was in violation of the United States Constitution when he accepted payments from foreign governments through his businesses.

The former W.H. ethics lawyer posted a link to his Twitter account late Wednesday night, calling it how saw it. “FBI uncovering evidence of treason. There is no other word for it.”

Also, agreeing with Arizona Republican Senator John McCain that the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia should be investigated by a select committee or independent commission, Painter tweeted:

‘Senator McCain is right – Congress has no credibility in undertaking the Trump-Russia investigation.’

Supreme Court litigator, Deepak Gupta, said that the case will seek a court order which would forbid the president from accepting these payments from foreign governments and will forbid any payments to the president’s businesses.

As reported late January by the New York Times, the case will be filed in a federal court in Manhattan and is just one of many anticipated lawsuits to be filed against the president.

Sit back and hold on, folks. This is about to get real interesting.

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images