London Mayor Issues The Perfect Response To Trump Jr.’s Ignorant Tweet (VIDEO)


On Wednesday morning, following the tragic terror attack that took place in London, Donald Trump Jr. posted the following article to Twitter, criticizing the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, for his response to terror in New York.

On Thursday morning, Khan told CNN that he had nothing to say to Trump Jr.’s poorly timed and insensitive tweet.

‘I’m not going to respond to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. I’ve been doing more important things over the past 24 hours.’

Khan went on to deliver a message of hope and unity to the people in London.

‘What I do know is that the threat level in London and across the country is severe, that means an attack is highly likely. I was in New York last year when there was an attack in New York, and terrorists hate the fact that whether it’s New York, whether it’s London, whether it’s Paris, whether it’s Brussels, Istanbul, whether it’s Madrid — we have diverse communities living together peacefully getting on with each other, respecting each other.’

‘The thriving democracy in London, we’ve got a situation where Parliament is returning to normal today, City Hall is returning to normal today, tourists are returning to London today, business are returning to normal today – just the things that the terrorists hate. I’m not going to allow terrorists to divide London, to destroy our way of life. We haven’t in the past, not currently, not in the future.’

Khan also announced a vigil that would be held Thursday evening to show solidarity and send a message to terrorists that they “will not succeed in cowering us.”

Watch the interview below, via Twitter:

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.