New Poll Shows The More Trump Behaves Badly, The More Deplorables Love Him


According to the results of a newly released POLITICO/ Morning Consult poll, in a number of incidents that have seen Trump’s popularity plummet among the general population, the new president’s popularity has actually gone up among those who voted for him.

Trump supporters, in other words, really are as backwards as you might have suspected.

Morning Consult polled the opinions of voters after a total of seven incidents that could reasonably described as scandals on President Trump’s part.

The only one of these that saw the post-incident public opinions of Trump voters and the general public, respectively, come even close to one another is the time that President Trump discussed sensitive national security matters in an open-air terrace at his Florida Mar-A-Lago resort. The venue for the discussion included civilians who had nothing to do with the White House and most certainly hadn’t been vetted to have access to sensitive and possibly classified information.

After this incident took place, according to Morning Consult, one in four Trump voters registered an unfavorable view of the President. On the same occasion, nearly one in two members of the general public registered an unfavorable view of the president.

After this incident, however, the opinions of Trump voters and the general public diverged wildly.

For example, when President Trump tweeted the outlandish claim that the media is the “enemy of the American people,” Trump’s net favorability among the general public as recorded by Morning Consult fell by 15 percent.

And Trump supporters? Following Trump’s tweets attacking the media, Trump’s net favorability rating among just his own voters as recorded by Morning Consult jumped by 31 percent.

The same sort of thing was documented after incidents ranging from the forced resignation of Trump’s now former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped by President Obama in October 2016.

After the first incident, Trump’s net favorability among the general public fell by 15 percent, but among his supporters it spiked by 16 percent.

After Trump claimed that he was wiretapped by President Obama — a claim which still has basically no evidence to back it up — the president’s net favorability rating fell by 20 percent.

Among his supporters, his favorability rating spiked by 21 percent after making the outlandish, baseless claims about President Obama.

Check out a chart below illustrating the differences between Trump’s net favorability among his supporters and among the general public after a number of “scandalous” incidents.


Featured Image via JIM LO SCALZO/ AFP/ Getty Images