4,000 People Sue Donald Trump For ‘Shady Business’ – Their Settlement Offer Is A Scam


Those who celebrate Donald Trump and worship the ground he walks on will argue that he’s an A-1 businessman and highly successful. What they won’t mention is his multiple bankruptciesthousands of lawsuits, or plethora of businesses that have failed miserably

Those people will likely change the conversation really quickly if you bring up the highly controversial Trump University, the school that many will say is the university that never was, a scam, and a criminal enterprise at best. Over the five or so years that the so-called school was in operation, thousands were cheated out of their money and the real estate education they were hoping to get.

Since Trump didn’t deliver on his “school’s” end of the contract it had with its students, many of them filed suit against him. Without admitting guilt, but having made himself look extremely guilty, Trump has presented a settlement offer for 25 million dollars. CNN reports that if the court approves Trump’s offer, then students who filed for refunds by the March 6th deadline could receive about 80% of their money back.

Almost four thousand people met the filing deadline to receive restitution from the now defunct “school.” The general sentiment from people is that Trump “University” was a joke because Trump himself is one. People took to social media to express such feelings with tweets like:

The case goes back to court on March 30th to determine whether or not the settlement will be approved. The settlement isn’t guaranteed for Trump or those hoping to recover some of their losses. Trump may still have to go to court, especially if Sherri B. Simpson of Florida has her way.

Simpson asserts that she lost about $20,000 because of Trump’s so-called university. She isn’t willing to accept just getting back some of her money and says:

‘What he did to me and what he did to everybody else was really fraudulent and I’d really like to take him to trial. I’d like to hold him accountable.’

Being that accountability is something that doesn’t exist in the world of the Trump administration, it’s hard to believe that Sherri Simpson will get her wish. If she doesn’t, many will feel that the justice system will have failed once again.

Featured Image via Getty/Scott Gries/Staff