CNN Begins Fact Checking Trump Press Conference LIVE On Air – It Is Awesome (VIDEO)


It seems that no one in the Trump administration really wants to discuss the particulars of their new healthcare bill, the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACHA).

Instead, most of the GOP simply continues to use their previously agreed-upon rhetoric that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is “imploding,” “in a death spiral,” and “collapsing” under it’s own weight. Never mind that this is totally false since they have their supporters utterly convinced of it.

CNN is not allowing that to continue. During White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s daily press briefing on Thursday, as the vote on the ACHA was being delayed because no one in the GOP can seem to agree on just how many benefits should be taken away from the American people, Spicer did his best to avoid specific answers to reporters’ questions about the bill.

To address this, CNN used a split-screen to correctly answer reporters’ questions so that viewers would know the truth.

One reporter asked Spicer about the basic healthcare needs that would be eliminated should the ACHA become the replacement for the ACA. Spicer’s non-committal answer was completely unsatisfactory.

‘I don’t want to get into a benefit-by-benefit discussion here. But the reason that premiums have spiked out of control is because under Obamacare there were these mandated services that had to be included.’

As he spoke, this split-screen appeared on CNN:

2017-03-24-13_51_31-CNN-Provides-The-Facts-On-The-ACHA-Because-Sean-Spicer-Refused-To-Do-So-YouTub CNN Begins Fact Checking Trump Press Conference LIVE On Air - It Is Awesome (VIDEO) Donald Trump Healthcare Politics Top Stories Videos
Image screengrab via YouTube

Spicer continued to insist that the ACHA specifically removed the mandate for essential healthcare coverage benefits to offer consumers a “choice” by insisting that many of those benefits were unnecessary for the people purchasing insurance plans.

‘People who were at the younger end of the age scale were buying end-of-life benefits. This goes back to the nut of this discussion, which is we have now gone down to a system where in one-third of all counties, there is one choice. And it’s the potpourri of mandated benefits that everyone has to have. We’ve lost consumer choice.’

What Spicer and the rest of the GOP fails to note is that many of the mandated benefits being cut by the ACHA are ones that no one really knows they’ll need until they need them. No one plans to need an ambulance in an emergency, no one chooses to discover that they or a family member will suddenly need mental health services, and hospitalizations happen often when a patient least expects it. Young people may believe that their age exempts them from the need for end-of-life benefits, but that isn’t and has never been true for all young people.

CNN corrected the avoidance strategy that the GOP is using when discussing this horrible bill, and their method is one that more political news stations should use with the deflector-in-chief in office.

Featured image via Getty/Alex Wong