Fox News Just Officially Turned On Trump Over Healthcare & It Was Glorious


The GOP has been put through the wringer throughout the last few weeks over President Trump’s proposed healthcare act. It has been such a hot topic that even Fox Business is participating in the shenanigans. With the voting on the proposed American Healthcare Act going on Friday tensions are running high.

On Friday during the Fox Business segment the host Stuart Varney scoffed at the House Freedom Caucus, specifically Rep. Louie Gohmert, for not following through with passing the House Republican’s healthcare bill. Due to sharing his opinions related to the healthcare bill and mentioning that he will be voting against it, Gohmert was Varney’s initial target.

Varney usually disputes the backlash the Republican Party receives, but during his segment on Friday he invited Juan Williams to join in on poking fun at them.

A disgusted Varney, who was filled with anger, said:

‘At this moment in time, the Republican Party is a disgrace. We elected the Republicans to run the House, the Senate and the White House and the very, very first thing that comes up on the legislative agenda they vote no, they’re split. They can’t do it. They can’t govern.’

In response to Varney, Williams attempted to defend the few Republicans who are in opposition to the bill because of the quality of it, not because they are against their own party. Williams also suggested that Republicans are only backing the bill in order to “save face” even though they are aware that the AHCA is not a better option than ObamaCare for Americans.

With the mention of ObamaCare, Varney took the opportunity to criticize the Democratic Party by saying:

‘Democrats Totally screwed up ObamaCare.’

The AHCA is a joke. In no way is this bill a beneficial decision for Americans, especially not the poor or women in the U.S. Like Trump, the bill is anti-women. It drastically cuts the healthcare opportunities that are currently available to women. It will also prevent lower income individuals from receiving the healthcare they need to survive.

You can listen to Varney pick apart the Republican Party in the video below:

Featured image screengrab via video.