House Intel Committee Humiliates Trump With A Fact Check He Will Never Forget


President Donald Trump is quite the character with all of his bogus accusations and lies that have been publicized since his inauguration in January.

On Thursday Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, clearly reiterated his findings in order to clarify that Trump’s accusations against former President Barack Obama were bogus.

Trump is likely to lose his shit after being exposed by one of the House Chairmen.

In a matter of fact tone Nunes told CNBC on Thursday:

‘I have been very clear on this for many many weeks now, there was no wiretapping of the Trump Tower. That didn’t happen.’

Finally it is all playing out. More and more people are coming together to debunk Trump.

On Wednesday Trump stupidly contradicted himself by telling reporters he feels somewhat vindicated by Nunes disclosing that there might have been information that was incidentally collected during a broader surveillance effort. But if there were no ill intentions behind his accusations why would Trump feel like his “innocence” has been proven?

Nunes reported that he has seen reports from U.S. intelligence officials that showed communication from the transitions team suggesting there was information gathered that was not intentional.

However Nunes was alarmed by what he had stumbled upon and traveled to the White House to brief President Trump himself.

After initially informing Trump, Nunes told reporters:

‘What I’ve read bothers me and I think it should bother the president himself and his team because I think some of it seems to be inappropriate.’

Of course Trump is a tad relieved by the news and in reference to Nunes he said:

‘I appreciate him coming over.’

Nunes did express the legitimacy behind the information he found but was hesitant to state whether it was known to be “wrong” or not. He told reporters:

‘I believe it was all done legally. I think it was all obtained legally. The question is was it masked.’

Even with Nunes’ findings and hesitancy regarding the legality of them Trump should not feel vindicated what so ever. Trump is just trying to place blame else where like he usually does.

Watch Nunes tell CNBC that there was never a wiretapping of the Trump Towers below:

Featured image screengrab via video.