Intelligence Expert Drops Trump/Russia Bombshell About 2020 Election – This Is Nuts


There’s one thing Americans are to blame for – we’re easily distracted. You hold up a pair of keys and jingle them and we start screaming “SHINIES!”

With that in mind, it makes it easy for politicians to distract us from the real issues at hand. Who knows all the things we’ve missed while mourning the death of Harambe, watching a giraffe give birth for 30 years, and mourning the losses of our celebrity gods?

We’re all guilty of it. The problem exists though that it will get us in major trouble if we don’t open our eyes and learn to decipher what’s worthy of our attention and what’s not.

Two intelligence experts appeared on CNN’s “New Day and reamed the current House Intelligence Committee for the way they are handling things. Mike Rogers, CNN Commentator and former House Intelligence Committee Chairman, criticized current Chairman Devin Nunes for going to the president before briefing his own committee. He also advised both parties should keep their pie holes shut.

‘In an investigation like this, it’s best both sides aren’t running to the microphone candidly…We have some huge issues facing that intel committee and our national security around the world.’

He was referring to the fact that Rep. Adam Schiff also made comments on the investigation after Nunes’ comments.

He then pointed out Russia has openly said they are in an information war with us.

‘Think about the defense minister from Russia, a guy named Shoigu, who came out and said, “We’re going to ramp up our propaganda, we’re creating a new information warfare unit.” The intelligence committee would do well to eschew the partisan politics and work on that issue, let the FBI do the criminal piece…

…Have the intel committee focus on things they can impact on resources and other things that are going to be needed to I think confront what is a huge and growing problem and that’s the Russian’s engaging in information warfare at a level we’ve never seen before.’

Former CIA official, Phil Mudd, agreed with Rogers and advised that the questions of wiretapping are fair, but they aren’t the most important issues at hand. He pointed out that while Democrats are talking about collusion, Republicans are talking about wiretapping and unmasking. However, those are simply distractions.

‘Americans should be asking, not only what happened with Russian interference, as Mike was talking about, but how we secure the next election.

For example, should the federal government including FBI have a role in going to candidates and saying “We’re going to help you secure your servers?”‘

Cuomo then asked if the investigation should go to an independent committee. Rogers responded he believed the FBI should handle it. He noted the committee was having a hard time wading through the partisan politics to run an objective investigation. He noted that the partisan politics boosts Putin’s attempts at proving himself a powerful world leader.

‘It spent two or three weeks basically saying “Putin is the largest guy on the face of the earth.” That sends a message to our friends and adversaries overseas, and you can see them reacting to this that “Hey, maybe this Putin is somebody we need to work with that we might not have worked with before.” This all has consequences.’

The takeaway? We look weak when both sides of the party run to the press to announce whatever little information they can that boosts their parties’ assertions. What they should be doing is resolving on fixing it. It’s time to forget the politics, and focus on preventing this from happening again. Russia has managed to manipulate our election, in some form or manner, once. What’s to say they can’t and won’t do it again if we refuse to pay attention and ask the important questions of prevention.

You can watch the video of their discussion below.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.