JUST IN: GOP Leader Caught Leaking Classified Russia Information – Get Ready


Lately, President Donald Trump has been complaining a lot about various leaks within the White House and branches of the federal bureaucracy. He even sent out a tweet attacking the FBI for not doing more to prevent leaks.

With that in mind, we can’t help, but wonder if Trump is going to be sending out any angry tweets about Rep. Peter King (R.-NY) who, according to The New Yorker, leaked classified intel during a hearing on Russia’s interference in the election.

The issue began when Rep. Devin Nunes(R-Ca.) asked FBI Director James Comey if the Russians had a preference regarding which party held the White House.

‘I’m just asking a general question. Wouldn’t it be a little preposterous to say that, historically, going back to Ronald Reagan and all that we know about maybe who the Russians would prefer, that somehow the Russians prefer Republicans over Democrats?’

Comey replied that he would not discuss this matter in a public setting, but pointed out that in the classified segment of their report on the 2016 election, they do discuss this issue.

While Nunes’ line of questioning does hint that there might be some disagreement between the FBI and members of the Republican Party, King’s question makes it crystal clear what the disagreement is about.

‘I would just say on that because, again, we’re not going into the classified sections, that indicating that historically Russians have supported Republicans, and I know that language is there, to me puts somewhat of a cloud over the entire report.’

According to the New Yorker, King’s statements caused a bit of a stir a the dais as it was revealed that he had unwittingly revealed classified information in a public setting. The ironic thing about King’s statement is that in 2013 he had called for the punishment of journalists who revealed classified information in their stories.

Regardless of the nature of King’s intel, the GOP’s disagreement with the intelligence community does make sense here. According to King, the classified version of the reports released by the intelligence community claim that Russia has historically preferred the Republicans to the Democrats.

However, when the New Yorker asked retired K.G.B. general Oleg Kalugin about those claims, he said they were false. Kalugin said that the Kremlin has historically preferred the Democrats to be in power because they are more moderate than the GOP.

‘We always supported the Democrats. The Soviets, and the Russians after the collapse of the U.S.S.R., have been essentially in favor of the Democratic Party, because it represented the more moderate part of the United States’ political life, while the Republicans are more reactionary. The Republicans are viewed as more aggressive and anti-Communist, and that’s why the Soviets and, subsequently, the Russians would rather deal with the Democrats’

However, the vast majority of experts agree that, regardless of their past preferences, the Russians did not want Hillary Clinton in the White House. Putin has long considered Clinton to be an enemy, whereas Trump expressed a willingness to work with the Russian leader.

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