Trump Gives Phone Interview Moments After Vote Fail – It Did NOT Go Well


Blame, deflect, deny, and lie:  That’s the pattern the Trump administration has displayed where not taking responsibility for their actions is concerned. Because although Trump and the Republicans who support him have had their entire political careers to invent a universal health care system that they embrace, and seven years to create a replacement for the ACA, they haven’t.

Because of their failure to plan and their haste to bring the legislation to the floor for a vote without being sure they had the votes to pass it, Paul Ryan had to make the following concession on Friday:

‘We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.’

Now that Trump’s sorry excuse for a health care plan, a piece of legislation that is set to take away critical elements like mental health and maternity care, has failed to make it through the Republican-majority Congress, Donald Trump is proving that he is a person of his word when it’s convenient to him. He is blaming Democrats.

To provide an added context, one must stay reminded that the Republicans are the majority in Congress. Donald Trump, Paul Ryan (R-WI) et al who have advocated for the American Health Care Act had to be at least 22 Republican votes short for the legislation to fail. With that in mind, there is no way any logical thinking person could blame Democrats for something Republicans had the power to make happen.

However, Trump has shown that he isn’t logical. So on Friday, he spent his time blaming the Democrats who have all along maintained that they wouldn’t support the proposed law, not addressing the Republicans who in Trump’s mind, were going to vote for something that many of them previously said they wouldn’t.

Stopping short of blaming his Republican counterparts, Trump opted to passively aggressively slight the party members who didn’t support him by saying:

‘I’m not going to speak badly about anybody within the party, but certainly there’s a big history.’

He’s right, “certainly there’s a big history,” a big history of many of the same people who didn’t vote for the American Health Care Act today, having been some of former President Obama’s main opposition during his eight years in office. That fact means one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump’s American Health Care Act failed because it wasn’t good for America. Now, like in so many other ways, people from all walks of life are willing to come together around one thing, there opposition of Donald Trump’s policies.

As he took his ball and went home, Trump said he is now going to start working on the “big tax cuts” that most say will benefit the wealthy and hurt the middle class and poor.

In the video below, Trump can be heard/seen blaming Democrats, praising Paul Ryan, and getting excited about his tax cuts for the rich:

Featured Image screengrab via The New York Times.